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To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.David De Angelo is your average guy who’s figured out what genuinely works with women — no tricks, no games, no manipulation.Relatable and honest, David shares his everyday secrets with millions of single men through a series of helpful books, programs, articles, and videos on Double Your A lot of dating experts make outrageous claims — like they’ve been good with women since before they could even talk — but not David De Angelo.I was ignorant when it came to women and it hurt to think that I might end up ALONE while everyone else was having fun.I know I’m pretty hard on myself even though I try not to be.

His discussion of the differences between attraction and affection is simply a must-read.

He doesn’t pretend to have all the answers or make promises he can’t keep.

David is just a normal guy from Oregon who’s worked hard to learn how to meet women, get a date, and create lasting attraction.

My heart actually started beating faster and faster!

I couldn’t resist taking a few glances as I pretended to look at something else in the distance…

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