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On the way I saw a sign for Fort Matanzas National Monument and decided to check it out. (Fort Caroline was) home for this hardy group of Huguenots . Despite Philip's protests, Jean Ribault sailed from France in May 1565 with more than 600 soldiers and settlers to resupply Fort Caroline.

Being a student of American history I had heard of the massacre of the French Huguenot settlers in Florida, but I had not visited the sites where it took place. was begun with the help of a local tribe of Timucuan Indians . General Pedro Menéndez de Aviles, charged with removing the French, also sailed in May, arriving at the Saint Johns River in August with some 800 people, shortly after Ribault.

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Most Reverend Daniel Cardinal Di Nardo, Archbishop of Galveston-Houston Young Catholic Professionals enables young adults to integrate their professional careers with the values of the Gospel and their Catholic faith.

With a captured Frenchman as translator, Menéndez described how Fort Caroline had been captured and urged the French to surrender. Augustine (1565), Jamestown (1607), and Plymouth (1620)." "The Spanish conquistadors founded St.

Rumors to the contrary, he made no promises as to sparing them. Augustine, Florida on September 8, 1565 while they carried out the command of King Philip II of Spain, to 'do away with' the 'French problem' on land that Spain had claimed.""Later, the Spanish built the Castillo de San Marcos -- a fearsome-looking fortress, designed to serve as a signal to all others that this land belonged to Spain!

During the push back against Tampa Bay History Center police said that a person has attended yoga class expect them to choose for myself so much time or little information out there.

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A., Bishop of Fort Worth The mission of YCP encourages young adults working in various professions to ‘Work in Witness for Christ,’ a challenge we all face as Catholics and one that requires support and encouragement from the community and from our peers in the faith…It is a great blessing to have ministries..bring about the next generation of business leaders, philanthropists, and joyful, faithful, and fruitful Catholic families. I hope that having a YCP chapter here will better harness the energies and talents as well as nurture the faith of these young adults so they can make a positive impact on our Church and our society. Coakley, Archbishop of Oklahoma City Knowing how important it is for young Catholics to be credible and joyful witnesses to the Gospel in their everyday lives, and the critical role that the support of peers plays in this regard, by this letter I am pleased to lend my own support and encouragement to the Young Catholic Professionals and their endeavors to being a new chapter here.

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