Consolidating audio logic

Balance high performance with high-capacity in the cost-effective PS6110X 10Gb E i SCSI array, a Dell Storage solution with a virtualized scale-out architecture that helps enable enterprise-class server consolidation and virtualization.Build more powerful storage using PS6110X 10Gb E arrays.With high-performance 2.5” SAS HDDs and up to 28.8TB* of capacity in a 2U chassis, the PS6110X is an outstanding solution for Microsoft® Exchange servers, databases and high-I/O virtual server environments.Dell believes that a well-planned and maintained storage infrastructure can support growing data requirements without the corresponding increase in cost and complexity.

Whether you want gentle, transparent pitch correction or the full-strength effect that's required for pop or hip hop vocals, the TA-1VP delivers this sound for you on stage.

From our camp, we're consolidating our efforts, streamlining our process and trimming the fat.

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