Dating an old cigar box

While my Dad, cleans the items and together we date them.

Or, you can click on the category links to your left to browse our selection."We're showing that radiocarbon and these archaeological objects can confirm and in some ways better date a key climate episode." The coffin of Ipi-ha-ishutef showing details of the decorations on the walls. Whyte/University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute That climate episode, says Manning, had major political implications.This is the coffin tree ring samples were taken from. There was just enough change in the climate to upset food resources and other infrastructure, which is likely what led to the collapse of the Akkadian Empire and affected the Old Kingdom of Egypt and a number of other civilizations, he says.Together, we expect to have hundreds of listings added to the shop during the next few months.I’ll be blogging about select items here on the blog as I did in the past too. This is my hobby folks, while art creation is my job.

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