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This April officially marks the 24 year anniversary of the start of the siege, generally associated with the killing of peace demonstrators seeking to avert conflict and soon thereafter the establishment of siege lines by the then Yugoslav National Army, which had already converted into a force under the dominion of Serbia's ultra-nationalists including Slobodan Milosevic, Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic.

As the later all have been indicted by the International War Crimes Tribunal (ICTY), during the war they were sought out as negotiating partners by EU, US and UN diplomats.

A fine return to form for the veteran German helmer (“The Tin Drum”), adapted from French playwright Cyril Gely’s 2011 stage success, this classy drama of political manners should stir plenty of patriotic fervor in Gaul (where it opens March 5) and score brisk sales to offshore arthouse shingles.

In reality, there never was an all-night powwow between Nordling and von Cholitz like the one devised by Gely for his play.

Balancing motherhood with a job that bends to global events is difficult, but Power says it informs her work in meaningful ways.

“It’s not ideal to always be one eye on the blackberry, and two arms around my children,” she explains.

Sarajevo could have been liberated, rescued early into the siege; however too many EU and US political leaders either were acquiescent or resigned to what they viewed as the inevitable fall of the city that was defending religious/ethnic pluralism and the very values now under assault in Paris or Brussels from ISIS, and right wing demagogues.

Related: China Ventures Into America's Backyard Tsai Ing-Wen, Taiwan's president, condemned what she called "provocation from the Beijing authorities." "Although we have lost an ally [Panama], our determination of not engaging in competition for money diplomacy will not change ...

No-limit poker: Go represents the ultimate in games where all the information is available to the players.

But AI still struggles with games where information is incomplete – like poker, where a player doesn’t know what card is coming next.

Rather, the men met multiple times in the days leading up to the Allies’ entrance into the city, the former persuading the latter not to proceed with a Hitler-mandated plan to do to Paris what the Allies had already done to Berlin.

In movies, these events were previously the basis for Rene Clement’s “Is Paris Burning?

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