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I defiantly seen whywell if she is soooo attractive, then why is she on a dating website in the first place?if you are VERY attractive, i would think you would meet plenty of people when you are out and about.there still an impression out there that being on a dating site is embarrassing or that someone will find out, etc.

I just don't want someone I know to see me and basically the idea of posting my pic just doesn't make me comfortable. They figure their must be something wrong if your unwilling to post a pic.

I asked for a photo and indicating that it is not fair since he can see how I look like, But I cannot see how he looks.

He said he worked in a company which is high profile and he does not feel comfortable letting his coworkers know that he is on Do you contact people if they dont have photos available? thanksyeah, if they do a good job of describing themselves, or use key words like slim, attractive, etc.

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One told me she doesn’t put a pic up because she gets so many emails that she couldn’t even keep up.

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