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Even the most disciplined among us know how convenient and seductive it can be to pull out the plastic and swipe.Even if they aren't purposely skipping credit cards, studies show that millennials are using debit cards much more frequently than credit cards.Here’s how Stripe is different, according to a must-read post by Sarah Lacy at Pando Daily: acting as if it were a bank, Stripe does its own risk analysis on businesses that sign up with it, which means they can let anyone start processing payments immediately, without waiting to first get approval from the gatekeepers of the conventional financial system.That was the original promise of Pay Pal, but Pay Pal has languished so long under the inertia of its parent company e Bay that neither users or developers are particularly happy with it.Granted, there are big players in this space already, like Google Wallet.

The agent may charge you a fee for the information, so be sure you ask upfront what the charges will be and get them in writing.

And that's a bad thing (and we talk about it during our 15 minute money bootcamp).

So for young people unaccustomed to using credit cards, they can be dangerous.

After trying both Pay Pal and its two primary competitors on the web, Brain Tree and Stripe, here’s what a developer had to say about Stripe, according to Lacy: In the real world, Stripe will be competing with Square, which is more focused on making it easy for merchants to accept the one means of payment we all carry around already – credit cards.

It’s fairly obvious, however, how Stripe will connect the dots and leapfrog that modality: one click payments from the phone.

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