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CZ: Yeah, this was the first time we worked with another producer outside of Ryan and the band producing all in-house you know?

We wanted to step out of our comfort zone and just take a risk and try working with someone else and Phil is so awesome and we love his records.

I was a painter in New York and this guy who happened to be our guitarist’s older brother was referred to me through a friend.

He was like, “I’m gonna come and buy a painting from you” and I was stoked because I needed to pay rent.

Grouplove is an indie-pop band with the rapidly-growing following to prove that they have a knack for the pop side.

"I have fun with it and I don’t take it too seriously," says the keyboardist and vocalist. Fashion wise, I like to do whatever I can to what I find. It’s not a specific designer, because I have my own vision.

"I think that’s a lot of the reason that I look crazy sometimes." Since the L. What’s the one piece in your closet you can never part with?

Their sophomore album, , which came out this week, puts a point on how truly eclectic Grouplove can be, without ever sacrificing the pop edge that makes the band something of a sure bet to grow into something huge or the childlike enthusiasm that bleeds through the recordings.

We caught up with lead singer and keyboardist Hannah Hooper to talk about the new record, what it’s like to be in the one indie band signed to a major label that doesn’t seem to have anything resembling an image, and painting the album artwork for the band.

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