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Vi gjør oppmerksom på at det kun gis rabatt på offentlig tilgjengelige ladeanlegg, og ikke på lukkede anlegg slik som ansattlading på kontorbygg.

Kun forbruk på offentlige anlegg inngår som underlag for rabattberegning.

The school district is one of the largest in the state, geographically speaking.

However, because so much of the land it covers is rural and sparsely populated, its graduation class is around 110 each year.

Følg med i Grønn kontakts ladeapp eller på Min side for å se hvilket rabattnivå du er på, og hvor mye du mangler for å nå neste rabattnivå.

TY - CONFT1 - A new irradiated quartz for beta source calibration AU - Hansen, Vicki AU - Murray, Andrew Sean AU - Buylaert, Jan-Pieter AU - Yeo, Eun-Young AU - Thomsen, Kristina Jørkov PY - 2015Y1 - 2015N2 - For luminescence dating to be an accurate absolute dating technique it is very important that we are able to deliver absolutely known radiation doses in the laboratory.

All the peripheral systems for water cooling, air conditioning and compressed air are in the building basement or outside.

The material is shown to be suitable for measurement using SAR, and the dose recovery ratio is indistinguishable from unity with a standard deviation of 80% of the grains giving a useful signal.

Although there is an unexplained dispersion in our calibration data of ~3% (which we cannot attribute to instrument variability), we nevertheless conclude that this material is very suitable for transferring absolute known doses from a standardised gamma source to in-built irradiation sources.

Bald Eagle communities are small and friendly, most with a sense of history dating back to the days when railroads and mining were their reason for being.

Much of the living here is independent - homes dotting the wooded mountains and farming valley, with privacy easy to come by.

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