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The seller is obliged to transact if the buyer of the option chooses.

The price at which the transaction will occur is set in the option contract.

Do not cut it and do not copy 2 documents on one piece of paper (for example: do not copy ID Card together with your old passport on one paper). – The printed receipt of your online submission Pretty easy isn’t it?

Believers in the reformed tradition regard highly the specific contributions of such people as Martin Luther, John Knox, and particularly John Calvin, but they also find their strong distinctives in the giants of the faith before them, such as Anselm and Augustine, and ultimately in the letters of Paul and the teachings of Jesus Christ.So I arrived at the immigration office at 9.30 am, because I read that you can get the queuing number from 8-11 am. She told me that I might end up not getting a number at that time because people already start queuing from 5 am. Even though I am a morning person, I don’t want to wake up so early just to go to immigration. If you’re interested in applying online and save yourself lots of time and hassle, then follow this easy step by step guide: These are the things that you need to bring to the immigration office: – ID card (KTP asli) – Family card (Kartu Keluarga asli) – Birth certificate / graduation certificate / marriage certificate (Akta lahir / Ijazah terakhir / Surat nikah asli) one of them will be enough – Your previous passport which you need to extend (if it is a new passport application then it is not needed) – Stamp duty (materai Rp.I was thinking that 9.30 wasn’t so bad, but it was a complete failure. I asked the immigration officer in the reception area and she said that people started giving out numbers at 7.30 am. 6.000) for statement letter, you can get the statement letter at the immigration office – Copy all of the above documents on A4 paper.Planning Your Adventure Doing the Deed Being Smart and Staying Safe Community Q&A "Skinny dipping" is the colloquial term for nude swimming.This risque activity is on many people's bucket lists, and understandably so – after all, it's all the fun of swimming but with an added adrenaline rush!

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