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But Poland is a complex and fascinating place and knowing nuances and subtleties, or simply knowing more’ can get you to places you never thought existed. First you must know that Poland has always been on the crosswords of East and West, tradition and modernity, progress and backwardness. This sign of Polish chivalry can do miracles for you, but only if done the right way - you should never lift her arm to the height of your mouth in order to kiss Polish Woman. And yhou can always shake hands - not so impressive, but acceptable and safe.

This duality is still present, so the rules pointed out below not always apply. Handshake is a safe and always acceptable way of greeting women in Poland. Finally, you can use a touch-free option for greeting Polish women (or women general for that matter) - just say hi, smile and nod.

Major historical events of the Austrian Partition included: the formation of the Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw in 1807, which was followed by the 1809 Polish–Austrian War aided by the French, and the victorious Battle of Raszyn resulting in Austrian temporary defeat (1809) marked by the recapture of Kraków and Lwów by the Ducy.However, the fall of Napoleon, leading to abolition of the Duchy at the Congress of Vienna (1815) allowed Austria to regain control.The Congress created the Free City of Kraków protectorate of Austria, Prussia and Russia, which lasted for a decade.It was further weakened by the wars waged by his sons against each other.The Christian Crusades (1095-1291) were a wide series of military campaigns fought across Europe.

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