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Memory Days Sim Date is a cute dating simulation for girls!

:3 And the cat plushy reminds me of a cat in another sim date.

Chrono Days Sim Date 4.41 Chrono Days Sim Date is a cute dating simulation online game for girls of all ages.

the codes are lol Bianca = double rainbow pride (get it? )Landon = nerds irl don't look this handsome Oz = all sim boys are robots anyway Nathan = red-head ginger same difference Emmett = in soviet Russia you heal bandage ALL = what is this i don't even ignore that last crap comment here is what i was trying to say do 2 gifts or hit the button twice make sure its something they like then do chat for the rest and one photo after chats for those ones also there is one button left i dont think i need to say it Yeah, someone told me it was Mister Toko.Life path number is the friends that thought were five pieces of advice. This romantic dating sim has an interactive story and 10 different endings.I just didn't realise that he was the same yellow thing that the boys were saying was flying around.I thought maybe there was another character I had missed somehow.

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